HACC's Overwatch Team Loses to Snow College

The HACC Hawks Overwatch team took on Snow College in a best of 5 series.  In the first match, which is a control map, the HACC Hawks were overwhelmed as Snow College took the point and ran up the meter to 99%. The Hawks Ryan “Snubs” Conroy scored a quadruple kill to take the point back, thanks to an excellently executed tactical visor.  Unfortunately, the Hawks were only able to run the meter up to half way before Snow College retook it and won the first game. 

The next match was played on the Hollywood map where the Hawks could not find an answer to the Symmetra/Bastion teleport comp, giving the 2nd game to Snow College.  On the 3rd game, the HACC Hawks played with a lot of heart retaining the last point, however Snow College was just too well-rounded and ended the series in a loss for the HACC Hawks 0-3.