HACC Esports Finishes the Week With Two Wins

On Wednesday, HACC Hawks R6 Siege group took a commanding victory against the Kishwaukee College Kougars in a best of 3 series, 14 round set which resulted the HACC Hawks winning 14-0.  The Hawks main intel gatherer Ryan “Juice” Stoeffler manned the cameras and drones throughout the match which resulted in star R6 player Brennan “Jinx’d” Williams to top the KD ratio for both maps and Zachary “B1llyB0b” Thompson to go 8 and 0 as an attacker in the Coastline map.

On Friday, the HACC Hawks Call of Duty Cold War team took on the NOVA Nighthawks in a best of 3 series.  The HACC Hawks newest addition Jose “Coloniuh” Colonia made his debut in stunning fashion racking up the KD ratio for both maps.  Benjamin “Bpapi” Lehr manned the anchor for the Hard Point map pre-taking the king of the hill points as they appeared on the map.  Abishek “Avi” Rimal also made a stunning kill streak on one of the maps giving him the opportunity to launch artillery sealing a victory of the HACC Hawks 2-0.