Hawks’ Esports Finish Strong, Turns Attention to NJCAAE Playoffs

Hawks’ Esports Finish Strong, Turns Attention to NJCAAE Playoffs

Hawks' Esports Finish Strong, Turns Attention to NJCAAE Playoffs

Harrisburg, PA - The HACC Hawks' Esports team has wrapped up their Fall 2021 NJCAA regular season and are headed into postseason competition. Aristoltel-Andrew "TheLastMagic" Kline moves on to the playoffs in a massive 64 bracket tournament, John Duane "SharpWiskers" Lopiparo Jr. earns spot in the Championship Battle Royale match. The Valorant team has made playoff territory as they finish the regular season with a record of 7-2. HACC Hawks Esports team has endured quite an exciting and thrilling regular season as they prepare for the next phase; playoffs.


This Fall the HACC Hawks Esports program was able to round up teams for the following game titles: Overwatch, CoD: Cold War, CoD: Warzone, Smash Ultimate, Rocket League, Valorant and also created a special event League of Legends team prepping for the CLoL Spring season. The Overwatch Team consisted of returning players Joshua "Verrin" Paukovits, Gary "Extromity" Lily as the team captains this season and playing healer roles.  Trevor "Skelly" Onofrey and Romello "Slashtechh" Wilson took the lead as the DPS.  Finally, Preston "ItsAxis" Hunter and Jonathan "TheJean" Cunnings as the tanks. The team completed the season with a record of 2-7 and was unable to clinch a playoff spot. However, the team did win a side tournament called the Aim Labs Playbase which rewarded them with professional coaching from Aramori a pro Overwatch player for the North American team Kaizen. The Rocket League Team consisted of three returners; Benjamin "FinalBen7" Kauffman as Team Captain, Brady "Voltres" Sartori, Gavin "Paranesis" Harris. This season the team welcomed freshman Benjamin "HelloLADY" Doutrich. The team played well and built a solid foundation as they participated in a side league playing Rocket League IGL to get ready for the NJCAAE Fall 2021 Esports season. The team ended the regular season with a solid record of 5-4 which unfortunately was not enough to qualify for a playoff spot. The CoD: Cold War Team concluded the season with an impressive record of 6-3. Bryce "Bdaddy" Stine returned as team captain for the Fall 2021 season. The team welcomed freshman Carter "Blight Eagle" Klein and sum of ever-changing rosters of Avishek "Avi" Rimal, Andrew "D0nks" Dunkel, Bosby, Voltres, Monsta and Crust Lord.  It was a rough season filled with quite a few opponents forfeits but nevertheless the team pushed forward and saw it to the very end.  Blight Eagle and Bdaddy made a dynamic pair like no other as they both worked together to keep the team rolling all the way to the finish line. 


The HACC Hawks managed to round up two excellent Smash Ultimate players for the 2021 season.  HACC Hawks welcomed Aristotle "TheLastMagic" Kline and Romello "slashtechh" Wilson to the team. Magic finished the season with a perfect record of 9-0 which earned him a playoff spot placing him first in the division. Slash finished the season with a positive 7-2 placing him third and unfortunately not making the playoff spot in the division. CoD: Warzone this Fall season was led by solo player John Duane "SharpWiskers" Lopiparo Jr. SharpWiskers produced most of his matches this season and played with excellent awareness in the Battle Royale arena. The HACC Hawks Valorant team lead by team captain Ben "Scufy" Ramthel accompanied by Jacob "AyyItsJonesy" Jones, Eric "Yikes" Martin, Andrew "Monstagalaxy13" Paparo, Kushal "SilentWraith" Patel, Chaz "Crust Lord" Eavenson and William (Elex) "Zodd" Poisel had a phenomenal season. The team finished strong with a record of 7-2 which lead them into post season play as they secured their spot in the NJCAAE playoffs.


The Valorant team aim to play their first playoff match on Monday, November 29, at 7:00 p.m. and Aristolte "TheLastMagic" Kline representing the Smash Ultimate team for the HACC Hawks competes on Tuesday, November 30, at 7:00 p.m. in the NJCAAE playoffs. John Duane "SharpWiskers" Lopiparo Jr., the CoD: Warzone lone ranger, will be competing in the thrilling Championship Battle Royale match on Wednesday, December 1, at 8:00 p.m.

The matches can be viewed on the official HACC Hawks Esports Twitch Channel: https://twitch.tv/haccEsports