Hawks Esports Smashing the Competition in 2021 Season

Hawks Esports Smashing the Competition in 2021 Season

Hawks Esports Smashing the Competition in 2021 Season

Harrisburg, PA - The HACC Hawks Esports Team is on week six of their regular season with John Duane "SharpWiskers" Lopiparo Jr. ranked fourth in Call of Duty Warzone totaling 17 points for the season. The Hawks hold a record of 1-3 for Overwatch, 4-1 for CoD Cold War, and 3-2 in Rocket League. Aristoltel-Andrew "TheLastMagic" Kline and Romelle "Slashtech" Wilson have been dominating with 4-1 records on Smash Ultimate.  The Hawks look to stay strong as the 2021 season meets the halfway point.


Lead by two team captains this season; Gary "Extromity" Lilly and Josh "Verrin" Paukovits. The HACC Hawks Overwatch team looks to turn their season around during week six of the regular season. Trevor "Skelly" Onofrey and team captain Gary are leading the squad as the top DPS of the team. Team captain Brooke "ShadowDragon" Dresher is keeping everyone on their heels along with Jonathan "TheJean" Cunnings and Preston "ItsAxis" Hunter tanking it up!


HACC Hawks Valorant team has started strong out of the gate this season and continues to be solid delivering a 4-1 record.  The Valorant team is lead by Ben "Scufy" Ramthmell. "He is prolific and precise on delivering command and strategies in real time at every match" states Head Coach Neftali Perez.

CoD Cold War

HACC Hawks Cold War team returns for a second season lead by team captain Bryce "Bdaddy" Stine.  The team had a rocky start but has developed into a powerhouse in pursuit of the championship!

Rocket League

HACC Hawks Rocket League also returns for a second season with the return of two familiar faces.  Ben "FinalBen7" Kauffman as the team captain and first time HACC Hawks Esports athlete and Brady "Voltres" Sartori, the designated HACC Hawks Esports graphic designer.  The dynamic duo gave an incredible performance last season just barely missing the playoffs but have returned this season with a revitalized hunger for the championship trophy!

Smash Ultimate

This season HACC Hawks managed to recruit two smash players to represent HACC this fall season. Romello "Slashtechh" Wilson maining Cloud and Aristoltel-Andrew "TheLastMagic" Kline maining King Dedede. Both players dedicate numerous hours to improve their game and together they are a force to reckon with in the cyber arena.

CoD Warzone

The HACC Hawks Esports has a lone ranger Warzone player by the name of John Duane "sharpWiskers" Lopiparo Jr.  You can catch all the solo action on the twitch channel every Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m., SharpWiskers is currently ranked fourth in the Battle Royale season.


The Hawks are set to compete against Bryant & Stratton College (VA) in a thrilling match of Valorant on Thursday, October 28, 2021. The match is set to start at 7:00 p.m.  On Friday, October 29, 2021 HACC will go against Hudson Valley Community College in Overwatch at 6:00 p.m. All matches can be viewed on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/haccEsports