Get to Know Your HAWK Alumni: Golfer Kent Umberger

Get to Know Your HAWK Alumni: Golfer Kent Umberger


Get to know the Hawk Alumni

Name: Kent Umberger 

Sport Played/Years: Golf/2 years 

Hometown: Harrisburg PA 

High School: Homeschooled 

Favorite Memory of Playing Sports at HACC: Competing in the Nationals Championship as a team in 2017, fun practices, watching golf movies on the bus, playing in Regionals, meeting the best group of coaches, and guys, who have made such an impact in my life. 

What did participating in HACC Athletics mean to you? Being apart of HACC athletics was a highlight for me as I was able to compete at a high level, become close friends with my teammates and coaches even after I graduated. I loved every second of my time being a part of HACC Athletics. 

What did you do after HACC? After graduating from HACC I continued working at FedEx Office and became Assistant Manager. In May 2019 I got married to my beautiful wife Hannah. 

Where are you now? I currently am enrolled at Liberty University to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.